Outstanding Contribution to Primary Industries NZ

This Award recognises a New Zealand-based individual’s outstanding contribution. This will be someone who has spearheaded a project, initiative and/or event which has had a significant and positive impact on the Primary Sector. He or she is known to overcome challenges and attain a high level of success.


Emerging Leader Award

This Award recognises an emerging leader who is new (started in the industry within the last 2 -5 years) to the New Zealand primary sector. The recipient must be an individual who demonstrates commitment, passion and leadership in their chosen career within the primary industries. Nominations should demonstrate the leadership the individual has shown and the impact this has had on the industry. Those nominated should also demonstrate their commitment to the primary industries and how they have made and can make, develop and progress the sector.

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Producer Award

The Primary Industries Producer Award recognises and celebrates a standout producer in the New Zealand Primary sector. The producer award can be an individual, team or company which has shown success and or considerable growth in either product sales or consumer engagement within the last 12 months – 18 months. The producer must demonstrate a sustainable approach to their production processes and works closely with those in and across the primary sector.

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Innovation & Collaboration Project Award

The Innovation & Collaboration Project Award aims to recognise and celebrate the contribution of the professionals who work on primary sector projects – big and small – including producers, scientists, investors, industry bodies, external providers and sector leaders. The collaboration of the whole project team is vital when it comes to producing innovative projects for New Zealand’s primary industries.  This award recognises an individual or team of people who have worked on a project designed to make New Zealand agriculture more efficient and effective.

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Science & Research Award

This Award recognises scientist(s) or researcher(s) in New Zealand who have developed new processes, initiatives or discoveries which will add value to New Zealand’s primary industries.  This individual or team need to demonstrate in their nomination how they achieved success or have developed a pathway to success for meaningful outcomes to an issue or problem facing the primary sector.

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Team Award

This Award recognises a team of agri-professionals in New Zealand who have advocated for New Zealand’s primary industries and achieved success or developed meaningful outcomes on an issue or problem facing the agri community.  The team can consist of multiple people from multiple organisations and must have a minimum of three people to be considered a team.

The team can consist of multiple people from multiple organisations and must have a minimum of 2 people to be considered a team.

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Guardianship and Conservation Award (Kaitiakitanga Award)

The Guardianship and Conservation (Kaitiakitanga) Award acknowledges and recognises an exceptional primary industry conservation project/initiative that is emblematic of the true spirit of guardianship over natural resources and native ecosystems for the ongoing and continued benefit of future generations, while demonstrating leadership and commitment to the primary industries.




Champion Award

The Primary Industry Champion Award enables the primary industries community to recognize the efforts of one of its own. This award will go to a longstanding unsung hero who has championed and supported both their rural community and their given rural industry. The winner of this award consistently supports their local community, goes above and beyond for others in times of extreme and challenging times and champions the needs of fellow colleagues.

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