2019 Agenda

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Registration and coffee
Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairs
Katie Milne, National President, Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Steve Maharey, Independent Director, Steve Maharey Ltd
Policy, trade and the global export market in the New Zealand context
Opening keynote address
  • What is the vision to 2030 for New Zealand?  

  • How is the government implementing this vision? What is the policy backing this?

Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister, Government of New Zealand
Keynote address: A perspective on New Zealand’s position in global trade development in 2019 and beyond
  • The challenging global environment for trade 
  • The state of play at the WTO 
  • Geopolitics and its impact on trade  
  • What this all means for New Zealand as a small trading nation and pioneer of free trade
Ken Ash, Director, Trade and Agriculture, OECD (France)
Question time with Ken Ash
Morning break
Presenting the latest Situation and Outlook report
  • Macroeconomic environment trends and market insights  
  • What is the data saying about the current state of the primary industries?
  • What is the production and trade outlook looking forward?  
Wido van Lijf, Manager, Economic Data and Analysis, Ministry for Primary Industries
Emma Taylor, Director, Agriculture, Marine and Plant Policy, Ministry for Primary Industries
Leading with the Primary Industries’ vision
Panel: Assessing the vision for the primary industries
  • What is the vision for the primary economy into 2030?   
  • What are the building blocks and tools that we can capitalise on? What do we need to be constructing to achieve the vision? 
  • Producer of little, exporter of a lot – New Zealand’s place in the trade world  
  • Brand NZ – telling our story on the world stage
Julia Jones, Head of Analytics, NZX
Chris Nixon, Principal Economist, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research
Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith, Former High Commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom
Rebecca Smith, Director, New Zealand Story
Malcolm Bailey, Chairman, Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand
Lunch break
Case study: Showcasing leadership in the Māori economy
  • The importance of the Māori economy in leveraging New Zealand’s primary industry future  
  • Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability
  • Creating opportunities and protecting legacies for future generations  
Lisa Tumahai, Kaiwhakahaere, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
Panel: How the primary industries are unlocking New Zealand’s premium potential
  • Exploring the current opportunities and challenges - the impact of technology and innovation, water ownership, carbon sustainability 
  • What are the business models most consistent with realising the value of the resource we produce? 
  • Looking forward to 2030, what are the opportunities for Primary Industries? What about in 2050? 
Mike Chapman, Chief Executive, Horticulture NZ
Lucy Griffiths, Managing Director, Innov8 Aotearoa & Director, Wools of New Zealand
Sam McIvor, Chief Executive Officer, Beef + Lamb New Zealand
Mark Piper, Director, Group Research and Development, Fonterra
Peter Weir, President, New Zealand Forest Owners Association
Afternoon break
Food for thought: sustainability, biosecurity and climate change
Panel: Preserving New Zealand’s unique ecosystem with proactive biosecurity efforts
  • Raising awareness early for biosecurity threats  
  • How are science and innovation playing a part in mitigating pest incursion? 
  • Exploring the pragmatic solutions to protect against biosecurity hazards
Dr Catherine Duthie, Response Manager, Ministry for Primary Industries
Edward Ellison, Chairperson, New Zealand Conservation Authority
Dr Lloyd Stringer, Entomologist, Biosecurity Group, Plant and Food Research
Future-proofing access to sustainable food and agriculture options
  • What does sustainability mean for agriculture, food and the Primary Industries? 
  • The benefits of the circular economy
  • Solutions to achieving food sustainability for New Zealand’s population. And for the export market?
Carolyn Mortland, Director of Sustainability, Fonterra
Panel: Living within our planetary limits to support global climate change endeavours
  • New Zealand’s contribution to climate change 
  • Taking steps to support COP21
  • What are we doing to harness the power of science?
  • Identifying the mechanisms toward progress
Deborah Knox, Head of the Secretariat, Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases
Dr Sam Dean, Principal Scientist, Climate, NIWA
Dr Judy Lawrence, Senior Research Fellow, New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington
Closing remarks from the Chairs
Cocktail reception

Sponsored by Primary ITO

Primary Industries Dinner & Awards

Sponsored by FMG

Welcome back from the Chairs
Katie Milne, National President, Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Steve Maharey, Independent Director, Steve Maharey Ltd
Opening keynote address: Food Safety and Rural Communities, Government of New Zealand
  • Update on the government’s Primary Industries growth strategy  
  • Is the current policy supporting this strategy? What’s to come?  
  • How does New Zealand compare to other developed countries’ primary sectors?  
Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister for Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety and Rural Communities, Government of New Zealand
Consumer insights and the implications for the value chain
Keynote address: Keeping up with the consumer
  • The global market update on new proteins and food. What is the reality and the future demand? 
  • Analysing and predicting shifting consumer preferences 
  • The impact of technology and innovation on agriculture and produce. What are the implications for primary industries’ producers?  
Hans Jöhr, Corporate Head of Agriculture, Nestlé (Switzerland)

International Speaker Sponsor
Morning break
Building a smart and transparent value chain
  • Track and trace the value chain from farm to table 
  • New Zealand’s primary industries’ place in global value chains  
  • Innovation, technology and collaboration to build a smart value chain 
  • Collaborating to compete in international markets 
Kevin Parish, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Collaboration New Zealand (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Technology, innovation and forward thinking
Futureproofing the primary economy with technology and innovation
  • The influence of IoT on the primary industries
  • Where is the new edge?
  • The impact of 5G 
  • Real-world examples of transformational technology  
Broughton Boydell, Senior Staff Engineer, Intelligent Solutions Group, John Deere (Australia)
Blockchain’s role in safeguarding New Zealand’s primary industries
  • The opportunities for blockchain to preserve the value of New Zealand’s premium products 
  • What are the implications for the global export market?  
  • Real-world examples and insights  
Joshua Vial, Founder, Enspiral
Lunch break
Productivity and people
Panel: Building the primary industries’ workforce of the future
  • Addressing solutions in a labour constrained market 
  • Attracting talent to rural communities 
  • Developing valuable skills and capabilities 
  • Recalibrating how training is delivered
Chris Black, Chief Executive, FMG
Fiona Gower, President, Rural Women New Zealand
Dr Charlotte Severne, Chief Executive, Te Tumu Paeroa
Linda Sissons, Chief Executive Officer, Primary ITO
Adapting and building resilience for an unpredictable future
  • Getting the conversation going  
  • Creating a roadmap for prioritising wellness and resilience  
  • Real world case studies with transferrable takeaways for primary industries’ producers 
Matthew Tukaki, Executive Chairman, Ngā Ngaru (National Māori Authority of New Zealand)
Panel: The opportunities and challenges for the Primary Industries’ producers
  • What are the big concerns today? What are the massive disruptors? 
  • Are the industry regulators and leaders getting the message? What are the opportunities to embrace in the future? 
  • Transparency of supply chain and protecting our IP  
  • What technology and innovations can be used to make life easier?  
William Beetham, Managing Director, Beetham Pastural
Cameron Henderson, Owner, Henderson Farms
Chris Roberts, Chief Executive, Tourism Industry Aotearoa
Catriona White, Co-Owner, Coastal Kiwis Orchard
Sam Hayes, Skipper and Commercial Fisherman, Moana New Zealand
Closing remarks from the Chairs and end of conference
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